Rims Nessen Forged S7.0 — Wheel fitment Gallery

Rims Nessen Forged S7.0

Subaru Impreza
Subaru Impreza
Nessen Forged S7.0
About company Nessen

Nessen is a wheel manufacturer based in Japan, established in 1972. The company has been involved in various motorsports and subculture events over the years, such as drifting, drag racing, and street racing. It has also had an influence on the tuning society, with its wheels being used by many tuners to customize their vehicles.

Some of Nessen's most popular rim models include the N-1, N-2, N-3, and N-4. These rims are available in sizes ranging from 15" to 20", and come in a variety of colors and finishes. They are distributed worldwide, with dealerships located in Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia.

Nessen has collaborated with other brands in the past, including Yokohama Tire Corporation and Bridgestone. This has allowed them to create unique designs that combine both companies' technologies and styles.

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