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Rims RH Topline V1.0

BMW 5 series
BMW 5 series
RH Topline V2.0
About company RH

RH is a German-based wheel company located in Bensheim, Germany. They specialize in creating high-performance wheels that are designed for racing and motorsport applications. RH is known for its innovative designs and advanced manufacturing techniques, which allow them to create some of the lightest and strongest wheels on the market.

Their wheels are designed primarily for racing and track use, although they are also popular among enthusiasts who want to enhance the performance of their street cars. Some of their most popular products include the RH Split, RH AL Cup, and RH ZW3.

RH has a significant influence on the racing and drift culture in Germany and Europe. Their wheels are often seen on some of the most high-profile racing and drifting competitions, and they are frequently used by professional drivers who demand the highest level of performance from their wheels.

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