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Rims Hamann PG2

Volvo 700
Volvo 700
Hamann PG2
About company Hamann

Hamann is a renowned wheel manufacturer from Germany, established in 1986 by Richard Hamann as one of the first tuning companies. From its humble beginnings as an aftermarket tuner, it has grown to become one of the most sought-after and respected manufacturers in the industry.

Since then, Hamann has participated and been involved with events such as German Touring Car Championship (DTM), Paris-Dakar Rally or European Tuning Championships. As a result, they have gained international fame amongst automotive enthusiasts — particularly within both motorsport and car subculture circles.

Due to its history with all kinds of motor sports activities since way back when , Hamann’s wheels are often associated with hot rod cars; however they also produce some high end wheels for luxury vehicles that can be adjusted exactly by demands set forth by their customers. 

Currently distributed across Europe, Asia, United States, Australia  due to quality materials used on design process along well thought out manufacturing techniques employed during production stages involve each piece produced being inspected thoroughly prior shipping .

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