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Rims Shaper Champ

Nissan 180SX/200SX/240SX
Nissan 180SX/200SX/240SX
Shaper Champ
About company Shaper

Shaper is a wheel manufacturer with a rich history. Founded in the United States in 1990, Shaper has become one of the most sought-after brands of rim-manufacturers for car enthusiasts and tuning society. With its deep roots in motorsports, Shaper has become a fixture in the motorsport scene, participating in numerous events and competitions over the past three decades. In addition to motorsport events, Shaper has also become a mainstay in several sub-cultural events. Its rims have graced the likes of rally events, urban drag racing, and underground car shows all over the world. Its influence on the tuning scene can be felt in territories ranging from the United States to Europe to Asia, and its name is respected wherever tuning and car modification is taken seriously. In terms of its product lineup, Shaper has several different rim models, but its most notable product is its 5-spoke ZX-5 series. This series is known for its aggressive design, making it a favorite for car tuners who want to add a touch of aggressiveness to their ride. The series can also be found in several different sizes, allowing drivers to customize their cars even further. Shaper’s distribution network has grown significantly over the past two decades. While its products have traditionally been limited to its United States market, the company has expanded its product reach to over 10 other countries, including Canada, Mexico, Europe, and China. The company also has relationships with several other wheel manufacturers, allowing them to offer a variety of wheel designs to their customers. Overall, Shaper is one of the leading wheel manufacturers in the world and its products are highly sought after in car tuning society. With its distinctive designs, wide range of sizes, and extensive distribution network, Shaper is a fixture in the wheel manufacturing industry and its influence can be felt in tuning and motorsport scenes all over the world.

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