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Compomotive CXN
About company Compomotive

Compomotive is a wheel manufacturer based in the United Kingdom. Founded in 1982, the company has become a leader in the wheel industry, providing wheels for a variety of vehicles. Compomotive has been involved in motorsport and subculture events since its inception, and has had a major influence on the tuning society.

Compomotive's most popular rim models include the TH, MO, and CX series. These rims are designed to provide a perfect balance between performance and style. The company has a wide distribution network, with its products being sold in over 30 countries worldwide. Compomotive also has strong relationships with other wheel manufacturers, such as OZ Racing and BBS.

Compomotive has been a major player in the wheel industry for over three decades. Its involvement in motorsport and subculture events has helped to shape the tuning society, and its products are highly sought after by car enthusiasts. The company's wide distribution network and strong relationships with other wheel manufacturers have helped to make it a leader in the industry.

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