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Rims Exe Pegasus Drift

Nissan Maxima
Nissan Maxima
Exe Pegasus Drift
About company Exe Pegasus

Exe Pegasus is a wheel manufacturer based in Japan. Founded in 1989, the company has become a leader in the wheel industry, with a presence in both the sports and tuning subcultures. Exe Pegasus has been a major influence in the tuning society, with its rims being featured in many popular tuning events and competitions.

The company's most popular rim models include the Pegasus G-Force, Pegasus G-Force II, and Pegasus G-Force III. These rims are known for their stylish designs and lightweight construction. Exe Pegasus also produces a wide range of other wheel models, including the Pegasus G-Force Pro, Pegasus G-Force X, and Pegasus G-Force X-Treme.

Exe Pegasus has a global distribution network, with its products being sold in over 30 countries. The company has also established relationships with other wheel manufacturers, such as Enkei, Rays, and Work Wheels.

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