Audi TT Mk3 wheels HRE FF01
Audi TT Mk3 wheels HRE FF01
Audi TT Mk3 wheels HRE FF01


Rims brand HRE
Rims model FF01
Rims color Black

Car color White
Owner Unitronic

Engine: Audi 2.5L TFSI EA855 EVO I-5 (DAZA)


  • Unitronic prototype (Hybrid turbo upgrade, turbo inlet elbow, intercooler, air intake, air filter, fuel injectors, DQ500 oil catch can, Stage 2+ ECU tune)


  • Audi Sport exhaust
  • Unitronic prototype (down-pipe, mid-pipes)


  • Unitronic prototype Stage 2 TCU performance software


  • MSS Kits Track Pack suspension


  • Custom Unitronic graphics

Does it fit wheels HRE FF01 on Audi TT Mk3 ?

Yes, it fit. In current example this car with rims HRE FF01 at the same parameters.
Look at our stance gallery and do conclusions. Ask community throught commentaries if you have more questions.

About company HRE

HRE is a high-end wheel company based in Vista, California, USA. The company was founded in 1978 and has since become known for producing some of the most exclusive and expensive wheels on the market. HRE wheels are made using advanced manufacturing techniques, such as forging and flow-forming, to produce wheels that are not only stylish, but also incredibly lightweight and strong.

HRE wheels are popular among high-end car enthusiasts, particularly those with exotic or luxury vehicles. The company's wheels have been used in various racing competitions, including Formula One and the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

One of HRE's most popular wheels is the "P101," which features a sleek, modern design with a deep concave face. The P101 is available in a variety of finishes, including brushed and polished, and is a popular choice for owners of high-end sports cars and supercars.

Updated: 2023-02-27

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